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Our Policies & Procedures  

Our Policies & Procedures


 Part- I

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Part - I    1.  Introduction :
 1.1.        Purpose of the Personnel Policies :-

These personnel policies aim to provide AEMI employees with clear guidelines on employment terms and conditions of service, and general information on employee rights and responsibilities.  AEMI aims to provide a range of benefits designed to ensure that employees have good working conditions and are appropriately supported on matters of health and general welfare.

These policies reflect the following general principles:

   Consistency with the Law:  Personnel policies are consistent with the laws of U.P. and India. 
   Fair to all employees.
   Competitive within the local job market.
   Reasonable compared with other organisations of a similar size and type.  Appropriate comparisons can only be made by looking at the total package of salaries, leave and other benefits of similar organisations.
   Sustainable for the organisation -- doesn't create undue obligations, which will be difficult to sustain in the future.  It should be noted that personnel policies may be constrained by what funding agencies consider reasonable or allowable and should not be based solely on the maximum that current funding agencies will allow.
   It should be noted that personnel policies may be overlapped by the future funding agency's terms and conditions.

 1.2.        Scope of the Policies :-

 These policies are an integral part of each employee's Employment terms & condition and apply to all permanent full-time staff equally unless otherwise specified in individual Employment terms and condition .  If there is a difference, the conditions defined in the Employment terms and condition will apply.

 It is the employee's responsibility to make sure they understand and abide by these policies.  It is AEMI's responsibility to ensure that these policies are applied equally to all staff, including the Managing Director.

 These policies are subject to review and revision at any time deemed necessary.  Any future changes will be discussed with staff before being put into effect.  The management committee will be responsible for the periodic review of AEMI's personnel policies and will have final approval of any changes to be made.

2.  General Employment Policies :-
2.1       Employees as Representatives of AEMI :-
2.2.1.   All AEMI staff are required to maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times and to behave in ways that bring credit to the organisation.
2.2.2.   Staff may not make any public statements on behalf of AEMI without prior authorisation from the Managing Director.
2.2.3.   In a professional public context, staff are required to give AEMI’s position and not their personal opinion.

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