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The organization Krishi Evam Shaikshik Prabandha Sansthan has been started by a group of development professionals from various field of expertise in the year 1994 . The organization has initiated its activities related to Health and Family Welfare Agriculture & Rural development in the eastern part of the state Uttar Pradesh. The working area of the organization is very rich in term of the land fertility but marked by extreme poverty and deprivation because of factors like preponderance of feudal tendencies, small land holdings, skewed land ownership with a large section of the population specially belonging to Scheduled Castes  and Backward Classes being landless, Low productivity in the farm sector due to poor technical know how. The government schemes related to basic services are also not reaching to the marginalized to a large extent. The poor not only suffer from lack of capital and skills, but also suffer from basic knowledge awareness.



Capacity building is boon of socio-economic upliftment it is better than to provide cash or kind for sustainable development our philosophy is mobilizing the community and ensuring the facilities for building the capacity and establishing the linkages with related department and institutes. A groups of under privileged community to make them self reliant for the identification of their problem /needs and then planning , implementation, monitoring and review of their activity may raise them socio-economically forward in sustainable manner.







With a strong belief in the capacities & knowledge of the poor people, which can be used for encountering the social issues like poverty illiteracy, poor health status & drudgery. The organization considers development to be empowerment process focusing on people’s participation.

The organization envisions a society where the community will be provided opportunities, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion & will being of the marginalized through sustainable building

The goal of the organisation is holistic development through empowerment and participation of the poor, marginalized & deprived .

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