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Innovations & Highlights  Of The Achievements

  1. First in India, established innovative concept of farmer to farmer extension services to make the farmers self reliant for the dissemination of technology , assured and quality input supply, community & credit mobilization, diversification, reduction in cost of cultivation, marketing  of the produce and also for the quality production.The innovative model named as Shahabhagi Krishi Prasar Kisan Vidyalaya- Narangpur-Patti, Pratapgarh . This Vidyalay was established in the year 1998 by the farmers, of the farmers and for the farmers . This model is appreciated by the delegates of different countries of the world during their visits. This is accepted and replicated by several W.B. financed project in u.p. , Nearly 1400 farmers field school have been established in U.P. This is the success of the same model. The govt. of u.p. has accepted the importance of this model and issued a order to form the same Kisan Vidyalaya in all the blocks of u.p.
  2. First in u.p. implemented a Pilot Sub Project related to  Canal Water and Land management with the full participation of the farmers.After the success of Pilot Sub Project, W.B. has sanction a big project to Govt. of U.P. naming U.P. Water Sector
  3. An innovative  model has been developed for sustainable SHGs formation and socio-economic upliftment.
  4. Formation & follow up of 3345 SHGs covering nearly 36860 families
  5. Formation and follow up of 6263 water users group covering about 26352  families.
  6. Formation and follow-up of 452 Site Implementation Committee (SIC) and 407 Village Development Committee.
  7. Preparation and follow-up of 452 Site Implementation Plan (SIP) and 407 Village Action Plan (VAP) with the participation of farmers.
  8. Establishment of 109 Farmers Field School ( Kisan Vidyalaya)
  9. Organization of 338 Federation of the SHGs.
  10. Nearly 15000 families were benefited of the Jaspura block district –Banda  and 31000 families of the Patara & Vidhunu block of the district kanpurnagar for the   family planning, Immunization, RCH and Health checkup etc.
  11. Innovative group marketing concept has been promoted in the district –  Jaunpur under DASP-U.P.
  12. BIO-PARK (An unit for the production of Bio-Compost, vegetables, medicinal plants and floriculture), This innovative concept is first in the country. The effort was appreciated by the vice chairman of the W.B. and other senior officers . Total 395 bio-park has been established out of which in the district-Jaunpur 295 and 100 in the district Azamgarh.
  13. For the production of bio-compost 7891 Nadep, 7812 Vermi compost pit and 6713 Cow Pat Pit (CPP) have been established . The use of bio-compost reducing the requirement of Urea, DAP and MOP
  14. This institute is nodal NGO of Rastriya Sam Vikas Yojna Azamgarh.
  15. This institute is Regional Co-ordinator of eastern zone of U.P. for SWAYAM SIDDHA-U.P. project and Co-ordinating 32 other NGO implementing the same project in different district of eastern U.P..
  16. This NGO is a lead NGO of USAID financed IFPS II and working with partner NGOs in all the 70 districts of u.p.
  17. Total 15336 ha. Sodic land of the poor farmers have been reclaimed under UPSLRP. Total extra income generated nearly Rs.  55.23 crores per year by the cultivation in reclaimed Sodic Land by which 26352 families are benefited
  18. Total 26992.44 hectare land of the 39194 farmers have been diversified by variety to variety,  crop to crop, crop to orchard, and old to new practices diversification.
  19. 26325 members of SHGs have adopted income generative activities as piggery, goatery , milk production, mashroom cultivation, poultry production of spices, floriculture, weavings kretting , candle production, hand loom, power loom , black pottery etc.
  20. Under training programmes total 5368 trainings have been organized in which 127362 beneficiaries are benefited , covering the topic, Literacy Anemators, Health Anemators, Pumset Mechanic Animators, Animal husbandry Anemators , Mitra Kisan ( Progressive farmers), SHGs Leaders, IPM/IPNM, Bio-fertilizer production & use, Seed production, Fruit Preservation, Mashroom production, Type short hand , Computer education, Weaving & Knitting, Candles production, Clean milk production, Pappad & chips, poultry and goat keeping, planning and implementation of the economical activities, Federation, Bank linkage, community mobilization, Floriculture, Vegetables Cultivations , horticulture, Health & Sanitation, Safe drinking water, Water and Land Management, Record keeping, marketing and input arrangement, hand loom and power loom  establishment and sari production and medicinal plantation.
  21. Exposure Visits:
    Total 1472 exposure visits have been organized in which 36875 male and female farmers participated.
  22. Theme Camps :
    353 Theme camps have been organized for, Child Care, Nutrition & Care of pregnant Women, Literacy, family planning methods, Sanitation, and cooking processes in which 8867 WSHGs members are benefited.
  23. Demonstration :
    4805 demonstration of vegetables, crop, 1612 demonstration of orchard have been organized, By which directly and indirectly 54300 families are benefited in adopting the technique.
  24. Field Days:
    Total 1945 Field days have been organized in which 285715 farmers participated.
  25. Literacy Program:
    • 971 Non school going and dropout (in age group of 6-14 yrs) girl and boys rejoined the school to continue the education.
    • 5631 women of WSHGs being literate.
    • 976 Adolescent girls provided training on family life education for successful and safe mother hood.
    • 10765 SHGs members learnt the functional literacy.
  26. Community Mobilization and Root Level Farmers Organization :
    To mobilize the community several root level organization of male and female farmers have been developed. The total no. of community organizations are 12109
  27. Human Resource Development:
    To make the community self-Reliant, HRD programmes have been well taken. As a result total 3316 animatory of different required disciplines have been developed among the community


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