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F.  Land /Sodic Land Development
F.1 Sodic Land Reclamation F.2 Watershed Development F.3 Land/Sodic Land Development Related Completed and Ongoing Projects

F.1 Sodic Land Reclamation:
This institute is implementing World Bank  financed U.P. Sodic Land Reclamation project in the district Pratapgarh  from 1994  to till date, however in the district Raibareli and Allahabad the same projects has been implemented in the year 1995 to 1997. Due to reclamation of Sodic Land total income of the farmers increased Rs. 54.73 cores per year for which 83760 families  have been benefited.

F.2 Watershed Development
This institute has implemented above programme in the district Balrampur (U.P.)  The achievements and highlights are given below:
To ensure the community participation 4 Watershed Development Committee (WDC) and 42 SHGs have been formed.
Total 4000 ha land have been treated.
Full participation of farmers have been ensured at all level.
25% reduction in no. of cattles.
15000 plants were planted.
4 ponds of 5 ha have been developed to conserve the rain water.
Total earth work have been completed.
Planning, implementation, monitoring, review and record keeping are completed by the WDC..

F.3. Projects (Land/Sodic land Development  Related)

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